First Thoughts

The first meeting of the Town Council will be Monday September 11.  There are several items of interest on our agenda.  Please be aware that my opinions expressed here are initial only, and subject to change during the meeting or afterwards.  

#1–  I thought initially that we would have a draft technology master plan to look at and comment on on Monday.   It’s not on our agenda, and apparently it will be forthcoming at a future meeting.  Not sure of a timeline yet, however.  It is not included on a set date for our “tentative future agendas”.   Obviously this is something that, in my opinion, needs to get going as soon as possible. 

#2–  The Time Warner Cable Satisfaction Survey is before us.  I don’t recall that there is much discussion by the Council when this usually comes up, but I think there should be some discussion to let TWC know we care about the service we are receiving, or not receiving.   TWC points to a lot of successes by saying that things have improved.  But in my opinion, much more improvement to the bottom line in customer service is indicated! To say how wonderful it is that improvement is made (from 1 – 5 with 5 being the best):   with “how easily able to get through by phone” at a level of 3.73, up from 3.07 in 2003;  “ability to get problem resolved the first time, over the phone”  at 3.65 up from 3.12,  is not enough.  In addition,  “appointments being arranged at convenient times”  currently at 3.9 from 3.55.   I recall the funny Seinfeld episdode when Kramer kept his cable guy waiting and played some classical music into the phone while placing him on hold forever, and then giving him time frames (something like 12 to 8 p.m.) in which to come to his apartment.  I am speaking partly here out of my own frustration with TWC’s service.  But I bet I’m not alone.  TWC needs to do better. 

#3– Annual Report from Solid Waste Advisory Board.  I expected a lot more detail here.    I have a lot of concerns about our recycling program, and want to respond to countless residents’ requests about how can we expand our recycling efforts to include things such as curbside cardboard pickup, cereal boxes, etc!  We are so good at recycling here, and yet our landfill is filling up, and filling up, and by 2010 will be “filled up” !   Why not delay the inevitable? 

#4–Bicycle Loan Program.   I think this program is great.  I support it, and how it contributes to the Town’s desire to lower our emissions as part of the CRED program.  I think it satisfies our goals in the Comprehensive Plan for desirable forms of alternative transportation.  The argument against doing it seems to be mainly, we don’t know how it will succeed, if it will succeed.  I say, how would we ever give anything a chance if we didn’t start somewhere.  I say give it a year, and reassess.  I bet we will all feel good about the results we see.

Well that’s it for now.  I’m not going to comment on everything we’re doing Monday night.  Thanks for reading! 


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