The New Year

This will truly be an interesting year for the Town Council.  We have so much on our plates right now, it is incredible.  And we also want to do so much more.  Where is the time?  It’s amazing how much this council will begin to decide the future of Chapel Hill.  We are looking at more density downtown, Carolina North in the center of our town, and a slew of proposed new developments in the northern part of our town.   We are even relocating ourSELVES by moving much of our working force to the new Town Operations Center in the north on Eubanks Road.  We still have a new town manager who has done an excellent job to date, but there is a learning curve for him as to be expected.   Decisions made by the council will be very important as to whether or not Chapel Hill remains a town in which you seem to know everyone, or a small city.  This council only has one year of its current makeup to make those decisions.  Get ready, a new election season will be upon us beginning this summer and into November!  The Mayor’s position is up as it always is (although he or she can now run for, and be mayor for life), and four council positions will be up.  The seats up are Cam Hill, Sally Greene, Jim Ward, and Bill Strom (and Mayor Foy).  It doesn’t seem like that long ago I saw the signs out for these candidates.     So in December 2007, this council’s current makeup will change and a new council (perhaps) will take the reigns to shape the town’s development.  For those reading, have you thought of running for council?  I am always concerned that people feel like they cannot run because they can’t afford a campaign.  Even though our last campaign was not as expensive compared to previous campaigns, the thought of raising thousands of dollars can be overwhelming.   But more than raising the money for the campaign is the campaigning for town council itself.  Many people know about the amazing amount of forums sponsored by all different types of community groups that the candidates were invited to participate in.  There were also many questionnaires to fill out with all sorts of questions about your views, often which were printed online.   To be honest, running was a lot of fun for me because I loved meeting new people along the way.   So this year will be important for council decisions, but the choice of candidates for our next council will also be an important decision that the citizens will make this year.  I am just glad that I will be watching this go ’round! 


2 responses to “The New Year

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