The Navy and Wildlife

I am completely incensed by the Navy’s desire to build a practice landing strip in eastern North Carolina that will adversely affect the nearby wildlife refuge.  What does the word “refuge” mean?  Loud jets nearby that will flush birds out of their habitat, force them towards the landing strip, and subject them to poisons and gunshots?  This is outrageous.  Here is a brief description from the News and Observer:

The Navy wants to build an airfield for pilots to practice aircraft-carrier landings about five miles from the refuge, which attracts waterfowl each winter. The Navy likes the site, straddling Washington and Beaufort counties, because it is near both Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock, where squadrons of Super Hornet fighter jets would be based. Currently, pilots train at a field near Oceana, but development around the airfield has led to noise complaints and conflicts with neighbors. The Navy’s favored site, however, has raised controversy in North Carolina among landowners, environmentalists and wildlife advocates. The site is opposed by Gov. Mike Easley, who has called on Congress to block $10 million in federal funding for that site.”

This is election season for Elizabeth Dole.  Where is she really on this issue?  It appears she won’t be interfering with the Navy’s plans.    


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