Our Fantastic Fire Department

This afternoon my husband yelled “fire!” outside, call 911!.  A fire raged in my neighbor’s backyard and was headed straight for our house with the winds and was burning fiercely dry brush and small pine trees.  The fire was leaping around 12 feet in height and was moving so quickly, about the pace of a slow walk!  While on 911 I had my kids out of our house and ran and moved our sprinkler between the fire and our house (which was about 30 feet away at its closest point my husband estimated).  Not that it would have done any good!  But within 2 minutes, IF THAT, the firetruck was in our front driveway and the men were in action, making everything look very controlled and easy.  The fire was under control shortly and I wanted to comment about how extremely professional our Town of Chapel Hill firefighters were—how calm but serious and how well they were able to put the fire out.  What a scare!   Many neighbors came out to see what had happened, and to date no one is sure how it started.  In time I hope to find out.  But in an extremely stressful situation, the knowledge,  expertise and skill of our firefighters was evident.  After all was said and done, the firefighters offered to show the kids the firetruck and the special equipment they had and what they used, and had a little lesson on fire safety.  These professionals demonstrated their commitment to the community rather than just getting their job done and leaving.  They were so pleasant and friendly.   It’s not every day that our homes are threatened by fire, and now that mine has been (not that I had any doubts about our fire dept) I feel very secure and comfortable knowing they are only a minute away.  Thanks to our Fire Department.


3 responses to “Our Fantastic Fire Department

  1. Last fall I posted about the foresight the CHFD used in training a new crop of dedicated firepersons.

    This month the next academy is preparing another six folks to do great work for our citizens:

    The Town Council has authorized an additional six new firefighters in the coming year, and the next academy will take place in April 2007. Applications will be accepted beginning in November 2006. To find out more, visit the Town website at http://www.townofchapelhill.org/fire,or contact the Chapel Hill Fire Department at (919) 968-2781 or fire@townofchapelhill.org.

    I hope ALL of Council continues to support the CHFD in their training and deployment.

    Glad all ended well Laurin.

  2. Since it’s not every day that we are confronted with fire, it’s easy to forget or overlook the outstanding service that our firefighters provide. When not fighting actual fire, they are continually training and practicing—and I see them every day since the training facility is right there on Weaver Dairy Extension and Martin Luther King, Blvd. They told me yesterday they are always there if anyone ever wanted to visit, or have a group organize to come see the firetruck and the “smoke house” where they train. They love to teach and show off some of their high-tech equipment, such as the device that finds heat sources in the dark (heat source meaning a person if in a black, smoky building or at night). We are grateful to have had such a highly trained, experienced group take care of our land and homes.

  3. We had a kitchen fire about 10 years ago, which was put out with an extinguisher. The CHFD was there in a snap, aired the place out with fans, and made sure everything was safe. They were very professional and we are lucky to have them.

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