On a National Note

With the release of Michael Moore’s new film, “Sicko”, attention may be given to the Democratic Presidential candidates and their healthcare platforms.  Media coverage of the Presidential candidates’ platforms have left much to be desired.  Can you name the only Democratic Presidential candidate with no intention of offering a universal health care plan in a first term? (Answer: Hillary Clinton.)  Can you name the only candidate to offer a detailed truly universal health care plan that offers choice of providers? (Answer: John Edwards.)  It’s not surprising most readers don’t know this.  A recent poll shows more Americans can name the last “American Idol” winner than Chief Justice Roberts. This is not surprising given the way in which the print and televised media cover news.  There is a lot of scrutiny for the messenger (Edwards) rather than addressing the message.  Let’s face it; our next president will be rich by any standard.  As a barometer, Mitt Romney’s worth ten times more than Edwards.  Somehow, suggesting thinking about the less fortunate (Edwards) gets more media scrutiny than proposing to give yourself a huge tax-cut (Romney). In “Sicko”, Senator Clinton is revealed to be the largest Democratic recipient of Health Care Industry dollars.  This may or may not affect her ability to reform healthcare but it’s disturbing that more Americans know about the hygiene and living habits of candidates than who is bankrolling their candidacies and what their actual policy proposals are. Edwards is not the Washington DC establishment choice.  In a way, Edwards should be happy that he is an outsider.  Congress is about as popular as the plague, with Republicans puzzled by the President’s Immigration (“Amnesty”) plan and Democrats upset that their party folded on Iraq.  Campaigning, as an outsider and an “advocate” for the American people that Congress forgot could be a good strategy if the media ever talks about actual policy. I have no doubt that FDR could not be elected president today with today’s media.  He came from old wealth on both sides of his family, he liked to sail, he was paralyzed from the waist down, and he talked a lot about the poor creating the greatest anti-poverty program of all time – social security.


5 responses to “On a National Note

  1. I was very impressed by this when it appeared in the Chapel Hill News. Thank you.

    — ge

  2. Thank you for reading it and your nice comment, George.

  3. Interesting, but I think you want to say that Roosevelt was paralyzed from the “waist” down.

  4. Yikes! Thanks for the spell check. 🙂

  5. Laurin, you should switch over to Firefox 2.0 (http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/). It’s got a pretty decent built-in spell checker.

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