A Somber Day in Chapel Hill

I cannot express in words how deeply saddened I am about the loss of Eve Carson, student body president of UNC-Chapel Hill. The day was strange. I had been wondering about the identity of the woman who had been found slain on Hillcrest the day before, and when I heard that it was Eve Carson, it was so shocking that it sent chills. I could not and still cannot believe it. Obviously I am so saddened for her. I also think like a parent does. Simply put, it is a parent’s worst nightmare. They undoubtedly were so proud of her and all of her accomplishments to the University and the community and they loved her dearly. This act is surreal to me—-senseless, outrageous. How could it happen to her/how could it happen here? We all seek to understand, and I hope that the person that committed this crime is found out very quickly! It seems like writing about this is an understatement to how I feel. I am deeply, deeply saddened. Even though Eve’s life was short, she contributed to her community more than many people do in a life time. She was not selfish, and lived her life to the absolute fullest.

I can tell you our police department is working feverishly on solving this crime. Our police chief, Brian Curran is new in his position but not new to the police force or to Chapel Hill. He has done an absolute stellar job in all respects. I spoke with him recently about my memories of the jogger who was senselessly shot on Estes Drive over a decade ago (whose killer is up for parole soon). These events will never, never go away in our minds. But my feeling about Eve and what she stood for would be to keep on going and work hard for others. That seemed to be what she was all about. No one can bring her physically back, but we can keep her memory alive and carry out the work she was engaged in on campus and the community, and realize the essence of her and what she stood for at UNC and in Chapel Hill will last forever. It was a somber day in Chapel Hill and still is.


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