Now is the time.  Now is the time to comment on Carolina North, the largest development to ever hit the Town of Chapel Hill.  The Town Council and UNC Trustees are meeting monthly to hash out a development agreement that will allow UNC flexibility and assurances in its development of Carolina North.   If we come to an agreement by June on how Carolina North will develop, we may be done for years in decision making on how things are done.    It’s time to wake up, and get active, and come to these meetings so that UNC can hear what you think.


If you have a concern about traffic from this massive development, air quality, the environment, etc., now is the time to comment!   If you live in the northern part of Chapel Hill, you may not be aware that UNC is proposing a new road from their project which would connect to Homestead Road and carry through along Weaver Dairy Extension.  This road would function as Martin Luther King Blvd. does with thousands of cars and transit and serve as a new outlet to I-40.  Others may not be aware that there has been discussion that significant transit improvements may come only after enough development has happened to warrant the need.  Parking lots first?  Buses second?   With the law school building being one of the first of Carolina North, there has been discussion about housing those graduate students.  What about the professors and their families?  Are all professors and other employees affiliated with Carolina North to live off site and commute in?  Will UNC participate in the Town’s Stormwater Management Program?  What about the mutual town/gown Carbon Reduction goals?   These are just a few of the many issues at hand necessitating public input. 


Please keep track of our meetings and when they occur on the Town’s website,   Click the left tab for “Carolina North Planning.”  Watch the newspapers as well for upcoming meetings.  All of the meetings of the council and UNC trustees are open for comment on anything related to the Carolina North project.   Let us know how you feel!  I appreciate and value the comments that have already been made.    We want the development to work well for both the University AND the Town.   Please voice your concerns now at these meetings, or for the next several years, hold your peace. I and the rest of the town council encourage you to attend and voice your opinions.   


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