I am happy to report that I have received the Sierra Club endorsement! This endorsement means a great deal to me. Thank you to the Sierra Club. I was lucky to have received this endorsement when I ran in 2005, and I certainly do not take this endorsement for granted.

I have worked very hard for the last four years on the council to make sure that our environment is protected. One example: I convinced a large corporation, Duke Energy, to curb their practice of rampant spraying of herbicides in the power easements within the Town, which in my opinion, affected our citizens’ health, safety and welfare by contaminating our water and creating fire hazards of large dead trees. Chapel Hill has been the only city in the state in which they agreed to do this. This was such a big success that I was able to make a council legislative request to our local delegation of the general assembly to address this issue statewide, and sure enough there is a bill to curb the practice, with Verla Insko and House Representative Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford) sponsoring the bill.

Things I would like to work on include a Champion Tree Program in town. Such a program exists in Wake County. Large trees are “nominated” and if they qualify (by a certified arborist), are awarded a plaque as a Champion Tree. The tree is assigned a GPS coordinate to ensure its location and alert developers as to its existence, and is given protection for its life. If such a program could be incorporated into our Tree Protection Ordinance, then we could truly preserve many old, historic and beautiful trees that do nothing other than connect us to magnificent nature.

Thanks again to the Sierra Club for their endorsement. Congratulations also to Ed Harrison, Penny Rich, and Jim Merritt, and Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor.


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