2008(2) 016I am very very happy to report that I have received the INDY endorsement! This endorsement historically has been very highly coveted by candidates, along with the Sierra Club’s, and I am truly humbled and happy that they have endorsed me.

I am also flattered and grateful for their statement about me: ” Laurin Easthom was the top vote-getter in 2005, and she has done nothing to dissuade us from supporting her since. She is a strong advocate for neighborhoods, and her well-reasoned, experienced approach is an asset. ”

That’s a lot to live up to! but I aim to do the same. The way I approach issues about town is not going to change, but I recognize that times are changing. As an experienced council member, I will have the historical perspective, institutional knowledge, and established relationships that will allow the Town to weather the storms (whatever they may be), allow growth in a reasonable manner, aesthetically increase our commercial tax base, protect neighborhoods, and protect and covet our natural environment. From where I would like to sit for the next four years, I would like to listen, look at issues from all sides, and decide in the best interest of the Town as a whole.

I am also happy for Mark Kleinshmidt who received the endorsement for Mayor, which is well deserved. Mark and I have not always agreed on issues (we mostly do), but he has always treated my opinion with the greatest of respect. He is a true professional, never judging me as a person and always listening and trying to understand my position. He will make an excellent mayor.
Congratulations also to Penny, Jim Merritt, and Ed for their endorsements!

I hope I can live up to the fine endorsement, and I also hope to serve the Town for the next four years in a manner that makes citizens feel their voices have been heard, their comments heavily weighted in my decision, and feel truly a part of their government.


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