2008(2) 016I am thrilled to report that I have received the Hank Anderson-Bill Thorpe Breakfast Club Endorsement! This endorsement is very meaningful to me.

Here is a history of the Club as they have written:
“The Anderson-Thorpe Breakfast Club was founded by Hank Anderson, the first Black Recreation Department Director in the South in the 1970’s to help analyze and remedy the issues faced by African-Americans in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro communities. After Hank’s death, Bill Thorpe, who served on the Chapel Hill Town Council until his death in 2008, led the Club. The Breakfast Club spearheaded efforts to name Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, and to improve the pay and working conditions of African-American and Latino employees at the University, hospital, schools and municipalities. The Breakfast Club’s political agenda is a progressive and inclusive agenda that supports the State NAACP’s 14-point agenda, with particular emphasis on justice for young people in our schools, fairness in employment and housing, and dismantling institutionalized racism.”

Congratulations also to fellow council colleague Jim Merritt, Ed Harrison, and candidate Will Raymond! Also congratulations to Mark Kleinshmidt for the endorsement for Mayor.

Bill Thorpe and I ran for council together in 2005 and I greatly miss him, especially during these times that he loved probably the most, the campaign. While serving on council, he and I would get together for lunch and we would have lengthy discussions of the politics of the day, in addition to whatever else was showing up on our agenda. He would frequently tell me that I was “coming along” as a newcomer to Chapel Hill politics, and that I was doing a great job, BUT! I was still learning and he would give me whatever advice he had that day. He was a great mentor, friend, and above all else he had such a genuine concern and love for this town. We sat beside each other for most of the time we served together on council, and we had a good many offline discussions as a result, too. For the time that I served with him and got to really know him personally I garnered a feel for what he might be thinking about something and have been influenced every since. I believe that is what good mentors do….they educate, and they leave their mark. Bill left me with an extreme sensitivity and understanding to the issues facing the local African-American community. If I am elected again, I hope to remember Bill with my work for the issues that he cared most about.

Thank you again to the Anderson-Thorpe Breakfast Club for their endorsement.


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