2008(2) 016I am glad to announce my re-election to the Chapel Hill Town Council for another four years, and to thank all of those who voted for me and encouraged me to run again. I am so grateful to the thousands of people who live here and took the time to vote, and vote for me!

Congratulations also to Penny Rich, who worked so very hard to get elected and proved that not only could she win a race, but be the first to have successfully used the first Voter Owned Elections program as a Council Candidate. Congratulations also to Ed Harrison and Gene Pease for their wins, and I look forward to serving with them.

I really appreciate all of the people who worked with me during the campaign and especially my campaign manager Rob Koontz and my treasurer Charlie Lancaster. Charlie worked hard for me in keeping my decimals in the right place 🙂 and getting my reports done on time. I know how wonderful his work has been…… whenever I have been in the Board of Elections office, they all know him and speak so glowingly of him!! He is the best. There were many people who worked throughout the community to get the vote out and let people know about my platform and experience, and I really appreciate all of that. Thank you also to those that officially endorsed me: The Sierra Club, The Independent, and the Anderson-Thorpe Breakfast club. I am truly honored to have received those endorsements.

I consider myself really lucky. The candidates all put forth great efforts, and truly the town would be served well by any of them. Each candidate brought forward a unique set of strengths and world view (or Chapel Hill view). The common theme was that everyone wanted very much to spend four years working on behalf of the community. I think that’s a noble pursuit, in and of itself.

I have had so many people congratulate me after the fact, and that has really been nice.
I look forward to the upcoming challenges, and believe me, they will be tough ones. I’m ready.
Keep up with this website for more posts than I have usually done, and my feelings on what is happening in town.


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