“No Evidence of Disease” Performs February 27

The band N.E.D. is made up of six surgeons (two from UNC) who take the healing arts to an entirely different level. They are all gynecological oncologists who spend their days helping women (and their families) with cancer.

The name of the band itself and their self-titled debut CD, “No Evidence of Disease”, represents the hope that every gynecological oncologist has for its patients–the end of the patient’s treatment is the end of their cancer.

The mission of N.E.D. is to raise awareness about gynecological cancers through the power of music. Learn more at http://www.nedtheband.com.

The band will be performing on Saturday, Feb. 27 at the Cat’s Cradle at 8:30 p.m. Tickets may be purchased at http://www.catscradle.com. They also will be performing on Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. Tickets for that performance may be purchased at http://www.lincolntheatre.com.

Corporate sponsorships are available for these events. If you are interested in that please email me and I can send you to the right person. laurineasthom@gmail.com

Proceeds will benefit women with gynecological cancer by creating the N.E.D. Patient Support group for UNC/REX hospitals and by supporting the N.E.D. Fund, Marjie’s Fund and the Gynecological Cancer Foundation.

Why is this on my website? No I don’t have this cancer thankfully but I care about those that do…..and the lead singer of the band is my very good friend, John Boggess, MD. I am doing everything I can to help him help those that are in need.

Please join me in attending this event…I am going to the Feb. 27 Cats’ Cradle show. Their CD is absolutely amazing and very very very good!! CD’s are available for purchase, too……they are fantastic and I hope they go on to make more albums. This band is SO GOOD that I hope they don’t quit their day jobs because we need them desperately (I know they won’t).


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